The Invasion

Wiggy, my friends, is now officially on his (or her) way today.  Get ready to fire up your cigars!

I bought a cigar, by the way.  Dropped by one of the swankiest cigar places in town to pick it out and up, too… but I’ll probably never smoke it.  Because I don’t know how.  And because I’ve never smoked before.  But, I could light it if I wanted to–just this once; after all, Google has presented me with many a page of instructions on how to set fire to that stick o’ tobaccy, so I’m sure nothing could go wrong.  The Internet is full of experts!

Anyhoo, the Insta-Princess and I have been at the hospital since last night, so we’re just waiting for Wiggy to stop slacking and make his way to Delivery Depot.  Today, some time, we’ll have a new squaller in da’ house. (Besides me.)

Stay tuned for pics and whatnot. (The Insta-Princess says if I actually save any bona fide whatnot from the delivery, she’s leaving me.  But she needs a ride home first, so she’ll proably wait until after that.)

Posted Monday, March 3rd, 2008 at 5:44 am
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