Let’s talk poo, shall we? As you can imagine, the Insta-Princess and I have recently become experts on the subject. Specifically, the yellowish saucy kind forever streaming from the back of our kid like a Niagara Falls of excrement. (I’m only hoping that no one tries to either honeymoon there or dash over the edge in a barrel. Really, they’re just going to be disappointed.) Most of you have been dealing with poo your whole lives, and if you haven’t you’re either very lucky or probably have a stopped-up butt the size of Rhode Island. (Rhode Island’s state slogan is Unwind. In this case it’s Downwind.)

But how many of you have dealt with poo from mythical creatures? No one, I bet; at least, the Insta-Princess and I haven’t had the, er… pleasure. So, this is why, when we’re faced with questions or concerns about fantasy fewmets, we turn to our buddy, our pal, our gorgeous go-to-gal over at Unicorn Poo.

It’s true she hasn’t yet talked about the heinie heave of nature’s one-horned wonder, but I hope she eventually does. My mind is filled with questions. For example, noting the unique relationship between unicorns and virgins, does this mean only an unsullied maiden can flush the toilet after a unicorn has dropped the kids off at the pool? Will the flushing fail for everyone else? The mind boggles.

Plus, she’s an awesome illustrator. But everyone knows that, so that’s cool.

Visit her site when you get a chance. Otherwise, I’ll hunt down your address and leave flaming bags of unicorn poo on your doorstep. (Nah, not really. That stuff’s hard to come by–I’ll use regular ol’ dog poo, instead.)

Posted Wednesday, May 7th, 2008 at 10:24 am
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Responses to “Unicorn Poo”


heinie heave. OMG!!!!!! like 3 times I laughed out loud while reading your post!!!! you’re hilar…for realz.
thanks so much for the plug. i gotta post some more art! ugh!
where’s the time?


Time? There’s no time to update blogs. That’s why I’m planning on quitting my job to make room for bloggy. My audience needs me; yearns for me; and is… strangely silent about wanting more posts. That’s okay, I know they do. I’m psychic like that.