Happy Holidays

Here’s a round of Happy Holidays to the teeming millions reading this blog. To help celebrate the season at our house, we put together a stocking for Wiggy:

Wiggy, Ho Ho Ho

Wiggy keeps trying to get to it, I’ve been told, because the Insta-Princess has woken each morning this past week to see some part of Wiggy pressing against her stomach. (Kinda like Alien, only without so much gore.) The Insta-Princess had been telling me for a while now that Wiggy was jumping jacks in her belly, but each time I placed my hand on her stomach to catch some movement for myself, Wiggy calmed down.

Until last night. As an early holiday gift, Wiggy allowed me to catch him/her in the spotlight: I finally felt the sucka wiggling and jiggling. It was very cool. So, thanks, Wiggy; I’ll be sure to fill your stocking with something nice this year. (Like a gift card to Micro Center… ’cause, c’mon, really, what kind of gift card can you get a fetus?)

I’m off to do some last minute shopping.  You all have a wonderful and safe holiday.

Posted Monday, December 24th, 2007 at 9:07 am
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Response to “Happy Holidays”


That’s a pretty darn adorable stocking. Merry Christmas (I’ve still got a few of the 12 days left…) to you, the missus and Wiggy, and a Happy Birth Year!