In “Hey, I Know That Guy!” news, one of my middle school science teachers was sentenced to fifty-one months in jail for, apparently, convincing some young girls to unrobe in front of their webcams.

“Evil mastermind!” I shouted.  “That wasn’t what he taught us in the 7th grade!”  Otherwise, science would have been a lot more entertaining.

Turns out, though, he was undone because he pissed off his landlord:

He saved the images on a computer, and an apartment manager who evicted him discovered them on the computer last year and told police.

Huh.  What have I told you kids about computer security?  Always use a password, and make sure it’s not something easily guessed like, say,  ireallyreallyreallylikenakedunderagedgirls.

On the other beaker (’cause he was a science teacher, right?), I also recall Mr. Hazlett doing his best to save a dying man after a car accident, and when the CPR didn’t work, when the man couldn’t be saved despite Mr. Hazlett’s efforts, our science teacher was simply inconsolable for days after.

So, next time, Mr. Hazlett, avoid the illegal and stick with the heroics–you’ll be a better person for it.

Posted Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 at 9:41 pm
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